65+ VR Games(New) of 2019|Best Virtual Reality Games

What are VR Games?

VR games is the abbreviation form of Virtual Reality games. In Virtual Reality games, the person and their movement is technically connected to Virtual world. Your hand, your movement and even your suit is connected with Bio sensing. Bio sensing is the way of connecting a person’s presence and movement in the game. There are many small sensor connected with data glove, in suit or even in your body which sense your movement of hand and body. If you are playing a virtual racing game in which you are going to turn and control the steering, you have to wear a data glove in which Boi Sensing is already connected. Now this sensor will send the movement of your hand to computer or to whichever device, you are using to play it. Like this, you can easily control the car or bike in Virtual Racing games.

Why Virtual Reality Games are so famous?

Virtual Reality games are so famous because the person who is playing this game feels like he is the part of games. As if you are playing a car racing games, in virtual reality games, you will feels like you are driving the car not controlling the car. This is why virtual reality gaming is so famous among the young peoples.

The Best Virtual Reality Games of 2019

Now we are going to know what are the best Virtual Reality Games of 2019. If you normally for best Virtual Reality games, you are going to find many VR games on internet but to find best VR games is difficult as I love to play virtual reality games, I made list of top VR game of 2019.

Stormland | Oculus

Stormland is one of the best VR games of 2019. Stormland games give you the freedom to explore yourself in the world of clouds cape to augment yourself and save your buddies. Enemies are coming to destroy your beautiful world. As you have super power, you have to face them and kill them. It is a VR games which you will definitely love. Climb up cliff, glide through chasm, fly through slipstream faster than ever.

Trover Saves the Universe Vr Games

Are you ready for another universe saving VR games? Trover savers is another games that give you goose bump while playing. There are some creature who are using your dogs and destroying the well managed universe. This game can be played on play station and PSVR. This game is developed by Squanch game.

Wolfenstein : Cyberpilot |Special VR Game

This game is the newest VR game which is developed by Machine games. In this game, you are hacker in France and you work is to train robots to hack and kill the enemies. Destroy drone, droneships, soldiers and panzerhund. Wolfenstein is specially designed for VR. Experience the FPS game on VR. Wolfenstein game : Cyber pilot will give you unforgettable experience of VR gaming. Platform:- Playstation and HTC Vive.

Population: One| VR Battle Royal

This is one of the best VR Battle Royal VR games. In this game, you have full freedom to do whatever you want and to survive in the game. Build buildings, loot banks and climbs on skyscrapers. Attack enemies and you can also fly in the sky to save yourself. A perfect Virtual Reality game to play. Increase your power and guns to survive from dangerous enemies.

Nostos| Multiplayer VR Game

Nostos is a cross- Platfrom game which can be played on PC and VR. This game is perfectly developed for VR so you can get the best experience of VR game. Invite your friend and play it with them. You are going to a new world tour. Find out old history of that place. Attack enemies, make shelter for friends and your self. Find out true story of the place and let the world know about that place.

Tetris Effect : Addictive Virtual Reality Games

Tetris Effect is an addictive virtual Reality game. A block game in which you have to make strategy before setting it up. Over 30+ level and amazing sound track on each level will never let you be bored. Tetris Effect game can be played on play station and on any display size ( Up 4K and 60 fps). This VR game get many awards. So if you are VR game lover, you must play this game.

Deracine| PS4 or best VR Games

Deracine have the best story which can engage gamer hours. This VR games is developed by from software. In this game, you are invisible and your work is to help students in study and also find new amazing things to change your pupils’ fate. Collect clues, solve extremely hard puzzles and complete your given task to connect with the students and people to be one of the best adventurer of the world.

Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse is another best free to play multiplayer VR game and also you can play it in your PS4. Dark Eclipse is all about fighting and making strategy to defeat your enemies. There are many darkness soldier who are sent from darkness boss came to destroy your peaceful world. You aim is to finish them all make your city free from darkness. Use your VR to enjoy real battle game.

Transference| VR Video Game

It is a psychological thriller family game in which a person is straggling with family serious issues. Transference is developed by Spectrevision and Ubisoft Motreal. This game can be played in PS4, VR, Microsoft windows and Xbox one. It is a single player game in which you have to find out how to make scientist’s family lives better. If you like to play brain games, this game is good for you.

Beat Saber

Beat saber is one of the best work out VR game in which you goal is slash the blocks ( the beats) by which you can make a perfect handcrafted beat. This game can be played on every display. This is the best VR games for beat lovers. So slash the blocks and be perfect a perfect rhythm virtual reality game which is developed by beat games.

Space Junkies

Space Junkies is one of the most entertaining royal battle field game. In Space Junkies game, You are flying through a deadly orbit arena. You have to be careful because there are many enemies attacking you at the same time. So just use your deadly weapon to knock them down. This VR game is developed by Ubisoft Montpellie. So If you love to play battle field games in VR, this game is superb for you.


Doom VFR is another intense firing virtual reality game for PS4 VR. This is a fast paced shooting game in which you have to clear all your enemies with your deadly weapon. Doom VFR game is very famous and is developed by Id software. This game only support in PS4 VR. So download Doom VFR and enjoy the FPS game.