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15+ Online Multiplayer Games for Android & iOS 2020

Online Multiplayer games are the games in which you can play game with your friends whether you are near to your friend or your friend is too far from you. You can get connected with him or them with these multiplayer games in a moment. There are many multiplayer games available on Play store but some are free while some are paid. If you don’t want spend money and want to play free multiplayer game, you have still lots of games to play.

Are you a game lover and want to play game with your friend online? Here in this article, I’ve mentioned top multiplayer games which you can play with mates and buddies online. As you know, nowadays PUBG, Fortnight and mini militia games are getting popularity because they are a multiplayer games. Multiplayer games need data to play because these games can not be played without internet. Let’s know about some famous and fabulous multiplayer games which can connect you to your friend and many stranger and random players online.

All the below games are available on Google play store free of cost. The link is given the name of games. To download, you have to click on the name.

Top Free Multiplayer Games For Android 2020

Fun Run 3 : Modern Multiplayer Game

This is one of the best and most popular multiplayer game for Android & iOS Device. :After success of the Fun Run 1 and Fun 2, the game developer introduce Fun Run 3. You can play this multiplayer online game with your social friends and family members. Amazing interface and game play with new characters. If you have played Fun Run 1 and Fun Run 2, you’ll love this game. Reach to the goal and beat all your 8 friend. Run faster and also control your moment to reach the destination.

Play With your Friends and Social Media Friends. One of the best multiplayer app to play in iOS device.
Fun Run 3

Overcome all obstacles to be the first player to reach and also win amazing awards. As you level up your game, the competition will also increase. It is very addictive game to play with your buddy or random peoples. Many new amazing power ups, characters have been added to this app. Multiplayer game lover should download this and play it to stress out their mind.

To Android:- Fun Run 3 : Modern Multiplayer Game

To iOS Device:- Fun Run 3 Modern Multiplayer Game

Modern Strike – Multiplayer Online Game

Another Multiplayer game with lots of action and adventures. Modern Strike has become one of the most played multiplayer game because it perform well both high performance device as well as in low performing devices. With Stunning Graphics and well managed customization, you can face your enemy with confidence. There are 14 maps to try different tactics and most dangerous 70 types of weapons: guns, pistols, tommy guns and other guns to kill enemies easily.

Modern Strike Best shooting multiplayer online game
Modern Strike Online Game

Over 5 million people have download this multiplayer game and play it on regular basis. So play with them and become pro player to earn awards and weapon skins. It is developed by Azur interactive Games. Just Download this game and start playing this stunning online game.

Download in Android: Modern Strike – Online Multiplayer Games

Download in iOS : Modern Strike- Online Multiplayer Game

MaskGun Multiplayer Game

It is one of the best real time PVP multiplayer app to play with friends. Smooth graphics allows you to control your game play easily. Three Modes : Death Match, Team Death Match, Bomb Defusal with five new maps- Diwali Yards, Ryokan, Ghost Town and Light house. Invite your friend to join your team and challenge the opposite teams and complete your mission to unlock new maps and weapon for you. The graphics is very cool and supportive as its performs well in Low performing devices.

MuskGun is another one of the best online Multiplayer game
MuskGun Multiplayer Game

New maps and weapons are regularly added to the game to entertain you. Over 50 types of weapons available in the store which you can use. You can participate globally by creating a clan or by joining other’s clan. If you want to defeat foreign players, you have to be expert of the game and learn new tactics to knock them down.

To Install in Google Play Store:- MaskGun Multiplayer Game

To Install in App Store:- MaskGun Multiplayer Game

Standoff Multiplayer Games Online

This is another best confrontation online multiplayer game to play. Start your journey of a Army man and save your country from terrorist and other negative persons. Choose whether you want a Sniper role or Storm Trooper or you want to take part in stealth operation. Plan to knock down all terrorist and complete the mission to earn more points and unlock more dangerous weapons. Invite all your friends to join your team and enjoy this precious moment.

Stand Off Multiplayer Game online
Standoff Multiplayer Game

The graphics and interface is superb and it equally perform in low and high performing devices. Standoff Multiplayer game is full of action and its rank system will not let you relax. Be supreme player of the game and become a pro player. Don’t let your country down and tell all over the world that you are a true soldier.

To Download in Android:- Standoff Multiplayer Games Online

To Download in iOS Device:- Standoff Multiplayer Game Online

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS

It is one of the best multiplayer with lots of amazing features. As Counter Attack is a first person shoot game, you’ll feel that you are at a war field. Invite your teams mates and take part in any mode as there are three game modes are given: Death Match, Gun Game and Bomb Defuse. Complete you daily and weekly target to get rewards and increase your rank. As there are many pro players are already exist in the game, you have train yourself well. In this Multiplayer game, you get opportunity to train your mind and action in Offline modes.

Best Online Multiplayer Game
Counter Attack Multiplayer Game

Counter Attack is skill based game in which you all weapons have different spray, recoils and reloading time. You have find out the weapon which suits you. 13 players are going to take part in each match and you have to knock everyone to become winner. So make strategies and defeat them in this online multiplayer game.

To Install From Google Play Store:- Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS

To Install From App Store:- Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS


This is one of the best multiplayer with full of action and strategy based game. Use different types of bombs as Ice bomb, warm Bomb and Sticky Bomb to knock out your enemies. The enemies are very powerful and going to kill you. So before they attack you, you should kill them and go forward to face new challenges. Bomb Squad is a 8 player game so find out local or networked player and start your mission. If you don’t want to face defeat, make a powerful strategies and implement them to overcome all obstacles.

Online Multiplayer Games for Android & iOS
BombSquad Mob

BombSquad can be played in the screen touch mobile as well as in smart TV. The graphics is high with beautiful interface to entertain you. This multiplayer online game is very addictive game. So get this game in your device and start mission.

To Get in the Android:- BombSquad- Multiplayer App

To Get in the iOS:- Bomb Squad – Multiplayer App

Real Carrom : 3D Multiplayer Game Online

Do you love playing Carrom? Yes. It is one of the best multiplayer carrom game. Play with your local friends, social Media friends and family members. Whenever you get bored, just open this multiplayer app and challenge online players. Improve your carrom skills and defeat all super star player of this game. Over 1 million people have downloaded this app. They all are eager to beat you to win first rank position of this app. Real Carrom is 3D game so you can easily see all angles before shooting your target. Choose whether you want to play with 1v1 or 1v3 game.

Real Carrom Game Online Multiplayer Game
Real Carrom App

As the your level increase, the competition will also increase. So before going up, learn trick shots, play quick games and challenge all players to improve your playing skill. Real Carrom game provides offline practice game in three level Easy, Medium and Hard. So if you are new to this games, first of all join offline mode and then start play this multiplayer Carrom game.

To Download in Android: Real Carrom : 3D Multiplayer Game

To Download in iOS: Real Carrom: 3D Multiplayer Game

Modern Combat 5 : eSport FPS Game

This is a wonderful combat game with high graphics and beautiful interface. Modern Combat has released 4 parts of this already and it is 5th one. Invite your friend and your squad to kill all online players. If you don’t like work in squad, just change the mode in solo and face all enemies by yourself without any fear. Many pro and experienced players are eager to kill you to get first position. So you have to be strong and make plans to defeat them. Discuss strategies while playing game by using microphones. Be whatever you want to be such as sniper or group leader. Many dangerous weapons are available so just choose which suits your play style and start your journey.

Modern Combat 5 Games for Android & iOS
Modern Combat 5

If you are ready to expose yourself to this wonderful world, just download this multiplayer game in your device. Whether you are currently using Android OS or iOS, you can get this game in App Store and Google play Store. Just Download it and start completing you mission easily.

To Download in Android:- Modern Combat 5 : eSport FPS Game

To Download in iOS: Modern Combat 5 : eSport FPS Game

Moto Traffic Race 2 : Multiplayer Game

Are you searching for Multiplayer racing game for your iOS and Android device? Moto Traffic Race 2 is one of the best multiplayer online game to play. If you are a lover of racing game, you’ll love this game. Whether challenge your friends to face off or play with your unknown rivals. Play in Day and night modes. As the roads are full of vehicles and you are taking challenge, you have to race your bike and break the limit as well as you have to control you bike so that you can easily reach first at the targeted point. Earn rewards and gift after completing the race to upgrade your bike models as many famous bikes are available in the store.

Best online Multiplayer App
Moto Traffic Multiplayer

Enjoy 3D graphics and beautiful interface. Have fun in your free time and know the physics of drifting and how to race the bike in traffic. Background music is awesome. You can easily control easily because all the controls are given on the screen of your mobile.

To Download in Android Device:- Moto Traffic Race 2 Multiplayer

To Download in iOS Device:- Moto Traffic Race 2 Multiplayer

MazeMilitia : LAN, Online Multiplayer Game

It is basically a shooting game which can be played with online friends and other random players all over the world. MazeMilitia is free and one of most intense online game. The realistic graphics and a war interface with intense music make this game real. Over 2 million people play this game on daily basis. Play against other players as their opponent and you can also invite your local friend through Facebook and Instagram to beat them and show your supremacy. Tell them you are pro player and you can make beat them.

Maze Militia is one of the best app to play with friends
Maze Militia

MazeMilitia is easily controllable and you can also customize all the setting for your comfortable. Use new maps to get different types of experience. Smooth graphics and interface make this game stunning and unbeatable. Use deadly weapons and kill enemies easily. So if you are eager to play such game. Just download the game and start playing this online multiplayer game.

To Get in the Android:- MazeMilitia : LAN, Online Multiplayer Game

To Install in iPhone:- MazeMilitia: LAN Online Multiplayer Game

DUAL – Multiplayer Online Game

It is one of the best online multiplayer app for Android & iOS 2020. Dual is very famous game for its unique game play as there are two player play this game and don’t let the ball go behind them. Use their own mobile screen to move the blocks. There are few requirements of this game – Both player should use one wifi network and use one IP discovery from the wifi lobby.

Dual Online Multiplayer Game
Dual Multiplayer App

Be one of the best player and challenge all your friends. Beat them to show your playing skills. Enjoy the unlimited fun. You can also connect your and your friends mobile through Bluetooth. So If you want to get experience of this exiting game, download it from the below given link and start playing it.

Download in Android:- DUAL! Online Multiplayer Game

Guns Of Boom – Online PVP Action

With Stunning graphics and easy to learn all control, Gun Of Boom is one of the best multiplayer online games. Here, you’ll get one of the best players against you. So just make your own squad, strategies and become winner. Crazy costumes, deadly weapons with multi color skin, you can make your team stylish and deadly attackers. Add upto four friends in one game as 4 opponent against you will try to ruin your all wishes to rule over the game. You have to choose one leader and one attacker so that you can overcome them easily.

Guns of boom is Online Multiplayer Game for Android & iOS Users
Guns Of Boom

Because of Gun of Boom stunning graphics, you can control the game easily but you need practice to master the game. Over 1 million people have downloaded this game. Regular Updates add new maps and make this multiplayer online game bugs free.

Download in Android;- Guns of Boom- Online PVP Action Game

Download in iPhone or iPad;- Guns of Boom – Online PVP Action Game

Critical Ops – Online Multiplayer Games

This online multiplayer game is based on Oppression or mission. There are many mission which you should complete. Complete your mission by the help of you friends and using your skills. Feel the intense of the game and become of the best warrior. Here in this app, you’ll get one of the deadly weapons to kill enemies. So first of all, just learn how to use and when to use. If you are new to multiplayer games, don’t think you are weak and you can’t compete. Practice daily and learn from other players, one day you’ll become pro player.

Critical Ops is most popular Online Multiplayer Game
Critical Ops Online Game

Critical Ops is available on the Google Play Store free of cost. Buy or unlock more attractive suits and weapons by completing given missions. Google play store’s downloading link is given below. Just download the app and start playing this multi – player game.

To Download in Android : Critical Ops : Online Multiplayer Game

To Download in iOS: Critical Ops: Online Multiplayer Game

Wrapping Up

Multiplayer Game lover will definitely love my list because these list are fully tested by myself. Each of the game has been played by me. So according to me, these are the best online multiplayer games for android & iOS. If you know any other game, please mention in the comment box for us and users. Thanks.

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