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15+ Free Text Message Apps for iPhone 2020

All iOS phones has default free text message apps by which anyone can send and receive messages called iMessage. iMessage is very basic app and has only limited features. If you want to enjoy messaging time with your friend or GF or BF, you should install any third party texting apps in your iPhone or iPad. These texting apps have many features like you have option to send thousand of emojis to express your emotions and also you can send photos and videos through these apps. Whether you are chatting with your friends or your teacher, these apps are suitable for you.

App store has many texting or messaging apps but some are free while some are paid. If you don’t want to spend money and want to enjoy your messaging, I’ve given top free messaging apps for iPhone or iPad users by which you can easily message to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend without any disturbance.

All the given app are free and the downloading links are given with the name of the apps. So just tap on the link and download it from App store.

Top 15+ Free Texting Apps For iPhone or iPad 2020

Text Plus – Unlimited Free Text

It is one of the best free text messaging app by which you can send unlimited SMS, MMS and picture from your iPhone without paying anything. Get free US Number, call free to anyone in your family or friend circle get connected to everyone using WiFi or cellular data. As this app is free, you can get it in your Phone. It is not better iMessage but still it doesn’t cost money to send text messages or for calling.

Free Text plus App iPhone
Text Plus App

Many people love text messaging, this text app is for them. If you are a iPhone user, just go to your App Store and type Text plus and get it in your iPhone. You can also download the app from the given link.

Download in iOS- Text PlusUnlimited Text Messaging

Hike Sticker Chat – Free Text Message Apps

Do you love sharing stickers while chatting with you mates? Hike is one of the best free text message app for chatting with your friends & family members. There are lots of love stickers, sad stickers, funny stickers and many filmy stickers. Share it, enjoy chatting. As this app is free, you can send unlimited messages to your friend and family members.

Best App to text some one in iPhone
Hike Sticker Chat App

So if you love sticker chatting, just download this free text message app in your iOS device and start chit- chat with your friends.

Download in iOS- Hike Sticker Chat- Free Text Message App

Text Now- Free Text Message Apps

It is another text message app for you. This app is specially made for iPhone users. There are lots of features in this app which is not available in the Apple default messaging app iMessage. Send Text SMS, Pictures and stickers just in one click. Text Now is free of cost text message app available in the App Store. Whether you want to send voice mails or ringtones or any other files, Text now can easily do this for you.

Best app to message iPhone
Text Now App

Send short videos, voice recording and mp3 file to your mates to show your love. Lots of funny stickers and emojis available in this app which you can send to express your feelings to your love ones.

Download in iOS: Text Now- Funny Free Text Message App

Text Free- Messaging App

Here is another free Text message app which is suitable for your device. If you are college student, you’ll enjoy chatting with your friends. Send millions of Free text messages, emojis, stickers through this in your phone. As you know, text messaging cost more money that calling. Text free message app is the app by which you can send free text message to your friend or Girl friend or boyfriend.

Best Free App for iPhone
Text Free App for iPhone

This app is specially made for the lovers who love to chatting and chat over night. So if you also chat day in and day out, just install this text free messaging app.

Download in iOS:- Text Free – Free Chatting App

Text Me- Free Text Message Apps

Do you want to use UK number? This Text Me app will provide you a UK number by which you can call any one free of cost. There are many other countries listed in this app like Canada and 200 countries. So send SMS, videos, Funny sticker and call your friends by using Text Me app.

iPhone Text Me App for Chatting
Text Me App

You’ll get few free minutes to call and you can also increase the given minutes by watching advertisements. So just get this app in your iOS device and start chatting and calling your friends and talk unlimited.

Download in iPhone or iPad:- Text Me – Free Text message App

Bulk SMS – Free Text Message App

This Bulk SMS app is one of the best and popular text messaging app for free. Bulk SMS is available in over 166 countries all over the world. It is made only for Messaging, just send message and receive messages. Bulk SMS has also a website, you can also send SMS from websites and also you can download its app in your iPhone. If you want to send same text message to everyone, you can create a group in the app and start listening and sending text messages.

Free Text Message App for Android
Bulk SMS App iPhone

It is free app but if you want to use special feature, you have to buy its paid version. So if its upon you how you use this app. I recommend this app, if you are a student or a company manager because it is very easy to send and create messages in the group.

To Download in iPhone & iPad:- Bulk SMS – Free Text Message App

Free Tone – Free Text Messaging App for iPhone or iPad

It is another one of the best app by which you can easily get connected to your friends. You can make video calls, voice calls and also send text messages to your family. You can send HD Pictures, HD videos and also large files. Free Tone is next level messenger app which can make your life easy. Whether you’re a college student or businessman you can share documents and important notes through this app in a second.

Best Free tone App for iPhone 2020
Free tone App

If you are using iPhone or iPad or any other iOS device, Free Tone app can be your favorite app for messaging and chatting with your friends. So just download this app in your device by the given link and start chatting with your friend.

To Install in iOS Device : Free Tone Messenger App

Smiley Private Texting App

Do you not want to show yourself and send message to someone you want to talk? Smiley private Texting App is one of the best private chatting app in which you don’t need to register yourself. Just install the app and start chatting with the private number. Type the number and send messages. It is actually made for young boys and girls. If you like someone privately and don’t want to show your self. This private texting app can make your dream true.

Best texting private app for android
Smiley Free Private Texting App

As you don’t need sign up and fill your personal information, just type the number to whom you want to talk and start chatting. The app will issue a new number for you by which you can easily make chat and send message to someone you love.

To Install in iOS Device: Smiley Private App

Color Text Messages+

This is very fabulous free SMS chatting app. In this app, you can change the color of letters means no more black and white letters. Many exciting colors can be added in the letters. Send unlimited free text messages. There are various fonts available which you can use in the typing to surprise your partner. Lots of emojis also can be shared through this fabulous app.

Free Text Message app
Color Text Message+ App

Color Text Messages + is one of the most beautiful app to send free pictures and SMS through your iPhone. If you are interested in this app, just download this app and start messaging your partner.

To Download in iPhone or iPad:- Color Text Message+

CoverMe Private Texting Messenger

It is another secure free messaging app for iOS device. In this app, you can control all your activity and no one can access to your SMS. You’ll get notification, if anyone send your text message or recipient read your message. You can secure all messages, pictures and videos by its protecting features. Lots of emojis, stickers and wallpapers are available in this cover Me app.

Best private Message app

Cover Me Private text message

So if you want to use secure private text messages app, this app is made for you. Just install this app through the downloading link.

To Download in iOS Device:- CoverMe Private Texting Messenger

Kik – Free Text Messages App

The interface and messaging features are very interesting and you’ll never get bored. There is no ads and useless key in this app. So this is very simple and user friendly app. Just choose the number and send messages and get replies. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy messaging with your partner family members and buddies.

Free Text Message Apps
Kik Free Text messages App

So just download the app and start free text messages.

To Get in the iPhone or iPad Device:- Kik – Free Text Messages App

Fring – Free Text Message Apps

Do you love sharing videos and pictures while messaging someone? Yes! Fring app is one of the app by which you can easily send pictures, videos, text messages and funny emojis and stickers to your mates and cousins. It is free app and you can easily share your feeling with your boyfriends and girlfriend.

Fring text messsage App

There are many new emojis available in this which you can make anyone happy. So if you are interested in making video calls or typing text messaging, fring is one of the best app for you. tap on the link and get in your mobile.

To Install in iOS: Fring- Best Free Text Message App

Nimbuzz Messenger – Free Text Message Apps

It is one of the best free text message app by which you can make free video calling, send unlimited text messages to your buddies and mates. As Nimbuzz is an multi purpose app so you can share files, videos to other smart phones. There are lots of funny emojis, stickers available which can help you to show your expression and your reaction to other people.

Nimbuzz Free Text Messaging App
Free Text Message apps for Android

So if you love such multi purpose app to send free text message and video calls, download Nimbuzz app in your iOS device and start your conversation.

To install in iPhone or iPad:- Nimbuzz – The Free Messenger App

Wrapping Up

These are the best free text messages apps for android. If you are a college student and you like talking with best friends, these free text apps can help you. All the given apps are free and easy to use. If there is any other app which provides free text messaging without any glitch, please mention the app’s name in the comment box. Thanks.

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