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20+ Call Recording Apps for Android & iOS 2020

Do you want to Record call in your android or iOS Mobile? Recording a call is very easy using apps. If you are using an android or iOS device, there are few apps available by which you can easily record all your calls. Call Recording is illegal in many countries so you should find out whether is legal using phone call recording app or not in your country. Many people use call recording apps for evidence or it can be used as a reminder, if you forget things easily.

Many android phones or iPhone already have call recording feature but these features are very basic. If you want a accurate phone call recording app, I have given Top 20 Apps by which you can easily record calls in your iPhone or Android phones. These apps is easily available on Google play store and App store. So just click on the given downloading links according to your device and start using the call recording app.

20+ Apps To Record Phone calls in iPhone and Android 2020

Automatic Call Recorder

It is one of the best call recording apps for iPhone and Android. In this app, you can set which call you want to record and which you don’t. It will automatically store all your call records in your External Storage and you can also back up all the calls in Google Drive or in Drop box. Just needed one time login and this app will automatically sync all phone calls their. Choose which call you want to record or not.

Record Calls in Your Android
Automatic Call Recorder App

The most important thing is the call recording app is free to use in Android and iPhone. There will be three options – Record all calls, Ignore all calls and Ignore contacts. You can use any of them or you can customize according to your requirements. So if you are a lawyer or someone is disturbing you on regular intervals, you can record their calls and report to Police. The Downloading Link is given Below for both iPhone or iPad and Android users.

Download in Android: Automatic Call Recorder

Download in iPhone: Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recorder – App To Record a Call

This is another amazing call recorder app by which you can easily record calls in android or iPhone device. By the help of this app, you can record a call in HD quality. Creating folder and save all call record at one place is very easy. Set your preference for which call you want to record or which you don’t want to record. Enable auto call recording or Disable auto call recording, all these exceptional things is in your hand. Record phone calls in HD quality and in various formats.

Best Call Recorder app to download
Call Recorder App

This app is downloaded by over 1 million people all over the world. It can be also used as caller id because it can identify all the caller who calls you. So you can easily avoid spam calls by the help of this call recording app.

To Download in Android: Call Recorder App

To Download in iPhone: Call Recorder App

Call Recorder Automatic

Wanna record all the incoming calls? Use call recorder app in your android or iOS device. It is one of the best and well featured call recording apps to record calls in HD quality. There are many option related to recording calls such as you can choose whether you want to record all incoming or outgoing calls or only selected contacts. You can also disable call recording whenever you don’t need it and also enable whenever you need it.

Call Recording Apps
Call recorder automatic

So if you want to record calls and back up in Drop box or any other apps, just install this free call recording app from Google play store or App store. Get caller id information also to avoid such spam calls.

To Get in the Android : Call Recorder Automatic

To Get in the iPhone or iPad: Call Recorder Automatic

Auto Call Recorder- Call Recording Apps

It is also best call recording apps by which you can easily record all calls both incoming and outgoing. You can select which call you want to record and which not. There are five default settings for auto call recording app. Record every call, ignore every call, Record except contact and ignore everything. So use any of these features in your phone and start keeping details. Whether it is a incoming calls or a outgoing call, you can record everything. By using this app, you can also recognize all the caller identity.

Automatic Call Recording Apps
Auto Call Recording App

It is free call recording app available on Google play store and App Store. So if you want to use this app in your mobile phone, just get it by the given link and start using it. Thanks.

To Install it From Google Play Store: Auto Call Recorder

To Install It From App Store: Auto Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder

Another call recorder app which can easily assist you in recording incoming and outgoing calls. It supports in every device and application like viber, whats app, We chat, Line, Slack etc. Sound quality is too good and you can easily make a group of call recordings such as contact wise, date wise, incoming or outgoing wise. You can move it to SD cards and also back up on Dropbox or other back up services.

Cube Call recording Apps to Record all incoming Calls and Outgoing calls
Cube call recording Apps

Cube recorder update its quality permanently that’s why it is one of the best app to download. You can switch from loud speaker to ear speaker by just bringing your phone to your ear. Many other features also available on this app.

To Install it From Google Play Store: Cube Call Recorder

To Install it From App Store in iOS: Cube Call Recorder

HD Auto Call Recorder– Call Recording Apps

Here is another call recording app by which you can save all your conversation in your mobile. It is a HD call recorder app means all recording sound quality is in High Definition. Record all calls and voice recording through this app in iOS device. All call recording can be protected by password so that no one can open or listen your call recordings. You will get notification after completing the recording. Save call recording contact wise or date wise, it is upon you.

Best HD Call Recorder Apps for Android
HD Auto Call Recorder App

You can share your call recording through Email or Whats app or messenger app. Create a group according to your preference. Just tap on the link according to your device and start recording.

To Get from Google Play Store: HD Auto Call Recorder

To Get it From App Store: HD Auto Call Recorder

Galaxy Call recorder

It is another one of the best app to record calls in iPhone or iPad & Android. Easily record all types of calls such as whats app voice calls, incoming and out going calls. Full HD sound quality and protect your call recording with a strong quality. Over 8 lac installation and good rating shows that it is good to download. This app is specially made for all Samsung Galaxy phones.Enable or Disable call recording facility whenever you want. You can also split recording in multiple files.

Galaxy call recorder app is also available for iPhone and iPad. So if you are a iPhone user, just go to App store and install this app from there. File can be backed up in Dropbox or skydrive.

TapAcallPro– Record all Incoming Calls and Outgoing calls

TapAcall pro is a pro call recording app for iPhone and easily available in Apple iTune store. It is not free app but worth buying. If you want to use a perfect call recording app without any glitch, install it. Take instant decision whether you want to record voice call or not. Controlling power is in your hand. Many people wants to record calls as a evidence so voice should be clear. This call recording app can make you task easy because it records call in HD. The sound is very clear.

App To record call in Android
Tap call Recorder App

So if you want such app, you can download this TapAcallPro recorder in your phone. The downloading link is given below. If you are using android device, choose Google play store link and if you are using Apple or iPhone, just tap on the App Store link.

To Install App in Android:- TapAcallPro- Record all incoming calls and Outgoing calls

To Install App in iPhone:- TapAcallPro – Record All incoming calls and Out going calls

Call & Voice Recorder App

It is one of the best call recorder apps specially for iPhone. Record incoming & outgoing calls via this app. You can set voice recording quality according to your recording. It is very light app and takes very small space. Call & voice recording app compatible in iOS 11 and above. This automatic call recording app supports many languages as English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish etc.

Call Recording Apps
Call Recorder App

So if you want to a paid pro voice and call recorder app, it is the one. If you are using android device, it is free to download. The link is given download according to your OS.

To Download in Android Device: Call & Voice Recorder App

To Download in iPhone or iPad: Call & Voice Recorder App

Call Recorder – Call Recording App

It is developed by Davide Kang, one of the best app developer. There are many other apps has been developed by him. It is zero set up app means just download the app and start recording all your voice incoming and outgoing calls through this app. Sound quality is so good that you can litsen in your JBL speaker. If you want to increase or decrease sound quality , you can do it by going in the setting.

Call recording Apps
Call Recorder

There are many other features which makes it different and this is the reason why this recording app is very famous. Total 97 rating given to this app.

To Download in Android Device: Call Recorder

To Download in iPhone or iPad: Call Recorder

Secret Call Recorder – Call Recording Apps

Record All incoming & outgoing calls in best audio quality. Secret call recorder is one of the best incoming calls recording app. Here by the help of this app, you can choose which calls you want to record and which you want to ignore. All call recording can be stored in the internal or external memory. You can also back up in Google Drive and Drop box easily. Sort all calls by last digit or alphabetical as you want.

Secret Call Recorder App
Secret Call Recorder App

You can also edit all call recording after recording it. Choose the quality and also cut or paste other material in it. After changing it, just listen it in and share with your friends.

To Install in Android Device: Secret Call Recorder

To Install in iPhone or iPad: Secret Call Recorder

MP3 Call Recorder- Call Recording Apps

This app will give you one of the easiest way to record all your incoming and outgoing calls. Save all call recordings in whichever format you want as mp3, AMR, 3GP, MP4 etc. Choose voice quality and save it in SD or Internal memory. You can also upload it in Google Drive or Dropbox easily by the help of this app. In some country call recording is ban, first of all, just make sure whether it is legal in your country or not then download it.

Mp3 Recording Calls
Mp3 Call Recording App

Mp3 is developed by Park Ave. and have downloaded by over 1 lac people. You can also trust it. You can easily arrange it according to your preference. Whether you are new to record calls or veteran, you can record it easily.

To Get in the Android: Mp3 Call Recorder

To Get in the iPhone: Mp3 Call Recorder

The Call Recorder

Select call which you want to recorder and choose quality and start recordings. Whether you are iPhone user or android user. it is one of the easiest apps to record calls without any disturbance. There are many few ads and you can easily save and delete your call recordings. Edit call recordings according to your preference.

Call Recording Apps
Call Recording App

It is new app and have downloaded over 2 lac times. If you want to install a pro call recording app, just download it through given link.

To Install in Android Phone:- The call Recorder

To Install in iPhone: The call Recorder

Wrapping Up

These are the best Call recording apps to download in Android & iOS. As call recording is illegal in many countries so you should make sure and then record call. If it is illegal, you have to get permission from cops and then record it. If you know any other call recording app, please mention it in the comment box. Thanks

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