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15+ Spam Call Blocker Apps for Android 2019

Are you frustrated by unknown or spam calling? Sometimes, when we are busy in any work we received a call which was called by any unknown person. He starts asking some foolish questions that are very annoying. If you want to get rid of those spam calls, this article is for you. Spam call comes because there are many fraud people want to cheat you or sell their products. There are many spam call blocker apps available on the Google play store by which you can stop those nonsense. If you are using Android Smartphones, these spam call blocker apps can stop & also can tell you that it is a spam call.

Here are some call blocker apps given in the list which you can use in your phone. If you get many annoying calls & SMS, you can install any of the given call blocker apps & stop these nonsense calls. All these apps are available on Google play store and links are also given below.

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Best Spam Call Blocker Apps for Android 2019

Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, Spam Blocker

It is one of the most popular call block apps for android. In True caller, you immediately find out the caller information, caller name and you can block them instantly (If required). Make this app as a default app for making calls & receiving SMS so that calls & sms will be received through this app. Over 100 million people have downloaded this app and use it to recognize callers name.

True Caller Apps for Spamming Calls and SMS
Truecaller App

You can make free SMS & call via this app with your friends & other relatives. Photo can be also uploaded in this app so that when you can any one, your photo will be shown on other’s mobile screen. True caller is one of the best app to spam calls on mobile.

Call Blocker, Robo Call Blocker, Spam Call Blocker Apps

Have you got many spam calls? Call Blocker apps can stop it. You can manage all your calls and SMS which you received on your mobile. Many companies and fraud persons try to cheat people by calling them and asking details from them. Whether it is telemarketers calls, photos Spam, or Robo calls, you can get rid of all these calls by only downloading these apps.

Robo Call Blocker apps
Robo Call Blocker App

Call Blocker is a light weight and easy to use app and easily available on Play Store. There are many features available in this app such as blacklist, block calls, block call log etc. So if you are very perplexed and want to stop all these shits. Just download this call blocking app.

Call Control- Spam Call Blocker Apps

It is one of the best call blocker and Black list creator apps for android mobiles. In this app, you can get many features related to call blocking. If you don’t want to be disturbed and want to continue work without being disturbed by calls or SMS of telemarketers, Call control can solve your problem. This call blocker app is very easy to use and manage all calls and SMS.

Best Spam Call Blocker Apps
Spam Call Blocker Apps

It prepares a list of spam calls as you add the number is spam caller list. It is completely free on Google play store. The downloading link is given with the name of app. You can use Do Not Disturb feature while driving or while attending a very important meetings.

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Calls Black Lists- Call Spam App

It is one of the most complete spam blocking apps for android. If you are annoyed with spam calls and text messages from telecom or telemarketers, calls black list is only one solution for it. All text messages can also be managed through this app. Send, receive. draft messages. Use some modern features as spam call list, text message blocking, create black list etc. There are many other features as you can add begin with numbers means if you want to block any specific coding numbers, enter there that special code and it will automatically detect that number and stop or block them.

Spam Call Blocker Apps for Android users
Spam Call Blocker

It is very easy to use call blocking apps as any one can use it. You don’t need any coding or specific knowledge for using this app. It is a free call blocking app available on Google play store.

Call blocker – Robo Call Blocking App

Are you annoyed with Robo calls? call blocker is the real solution for Robo calls. Robo Calls are the calls which suggest you to press keys or computer calling which give you offers about any specific products. Some calls are frauds and can ask your detail as bank account details or offers you specific insurance which you don’t want to listen. All these problem can be solved by this call blocker app.

Best Black list creator app
Call Blocker Robo call App

Simply create a list of numbers which you consider as a spammer and add them in black list of this app. You can also receive calls and make a call through this app.

Call Blocker Free – Black List and White List

It is one of the most effective call blocker apps for android users. Here you can make a black list and white list.. In black list, you have to add those numbers which you consider as a Spam caller and in White list app, you can add your important or favorite person’s mobile number so that they can reach to you any time they want to. Call Blocker free can automatically detect spam callers because it has large data base of spam callers.

best free Spam Call blocker App
Call Blocker Free App

It has been downloaded by over 1 million peoples. The review is also good, just download this app in your list and start stopping spam calls coming to your phone.

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Call Blocker:- Calls Blacklist and Caller Id

This call blocking app is best for identifying spam callers and telemarketers. It has true caller id, so it can show you the caller’s detail even if the caller is not in your contact list. You can also create your profile so that you can also be identified whenever you call any one. At least 1 million people have downloaded this app and using it by making their caller id. If they have created a black list and add any number of spam callers or telemarketers, call blocker detect them as call spammer.

Black list caller Id app
Call blocker Apps for free

This is how you can get rid of call spammers and telemarketers. It has also many other features as missed call reminder, See name of unknown numbers, free phone number can be searched without paying any money.

Call Blocker- Best Call Spammer identifier

It is also one of the best spam call blocker app for android phones. Here in this app, you’ll get many option by which you can easily avoid annoying calls. Add number in blacklist and it will stop all activities related to that number as SMS, Calling, Video calling etc. One can add suffix or prefix of any special number and call blocker app will restrict all SMS, Messages and calls.

Best Spam Call Blocker apps to block all unwanted calls and SMS
Call Blocker App for free

Over one million people have downloaded this call blocker app in their mobile to avoid disturbance while meetings or while you’re busy at home. It is absolutely free for android phones. So just download it in your mobile phone and start blocking all annoying numbers.

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Call Blocker – Call Blocker with Black List and white list Free

It is a robo call blocker app by which you can block any type of phone number within a second. There are many people whose work is to call everyone and tell them about their company and offers. In that list, you are also included and you will get call from them. If you are very busy person and don’t like to be disturbed, you can download call blocker app in your android.

Spam Call Blocker Apps for free
Call Blocker Apps

In call spam apps, you can add their numbers in the black list so that they can not call you. Add “start with” or “Contains” or “End with”. Enable Do Not Disturb mode through this app so that no one can call you at that point of time.

Block Incoming Calling – Spam Call Blocker Apps Free

It is another app which can solve your problem of incoming fake or disturbing calls on your android device. It has list called Blacklist where you can add that phone number which you want to block. Black list log is very important for every one because when we are in the meeting or in any seminar we need to focus. There is a special option in this block apps where you can block all incoming call of that number which are not saved in your contact list.

Best Incoming Calls for Android
Block Incoming Calls

So this app can help you a lot. This call block app is absolutely free for android and available on Google play Store.

Anti Nuisance – Call blocker and SMS Blocker

It is an easy call and sms blocker app by which you can block all nonsense calls and SMS. If you are annoyed by calls and don’t want to be disturbed by these calls, Anti nuisance is free android call spammer app. Just create a white list and a black list, add numbers in it. Add, in the white list , from which you want to receive and add, in black list, from which you don’t want to receive calls or SMS.

 Call Blocker Apps for Android
Spam Call Blocker App

Anti Nuisance is free and easy to use app. After downloading this app, you will feel relax and can focus on your work. You can remove the black listed numbers from black list whenever you want to.

Calls Black List – Call & SMS Blocker

This call spammer app let you to create a black list where you can add numbers from your contact list to block them. After blocking, the person will not able to call or SMS you. Many robo calls, telemarketers, call center calls can disturbed you while you are at work or in a meetings. So if you hate these calls, just get this app in your mobile phones and create a list and add all disturbing numbers in it.

Spam Call Blocker Apps
Call Blacklist App

Remember, after adding number in it, you will not be able to receive phone calls or SMS or MMS from that number. So like this, you can avoid all calls which you don’t want to receive.

Call Blocker- Robocall Blocker, Spam Calls Blocker

It is very light and effective app by which you can easily avoid all spam calls. The only thing you have to do is add the number in black list. Many insurance companies and other marketing companies try to reach peoples in order to get more sales or insurance. So you want to avoid these calls, you have to add these numbers in the black list. After that call blocker will manage all your calls and SMS.

Call Blocker Apps for Android
Spam Call Blocker

Even if you don’t know how to add in the black list, this app will teach you everything. So just get this call spammer app in your android device and start working.

Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Do you want to recognize your callers? Caller Id is one of the best app by which you can know about your caller information before receiving their calls. Whenever they call you, this app will their all information like their name, state and country on your display. You can also set your name and state in this app so that whenever you call any one, every one recognize you.

Best Apps for Avoiding Robo Calls
Robo Call Blocker

It is very well managed app for you. Here in this call blocker app, you can easily block unwanted calls and sms easily. This app can also manage all your calls and SMS. This is free Call Blocker app to download.

Wrapping Up

These are the best call blocker or spammer apps for android device. If you are very annoyed by strangers or telemarketers calls, just download one of the given app and avoid all unwanted calls in a second. Please comment about your experience and suggest our users any other call blocker apps, if you know any better that the given app. Thanks.

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