Best Prayer Apps for Android 2019
Prayer Apps 2019

9+ Prayer Apps for Android 2019

They say,” the only way to reach God is prayer” We pray whenever we are in danger or whenever we want to make our mind peaceful. Normally we download prayers from internet in our mobile phones to listen it whenever we want. There are many prayers available on the internet so we can’t store it & also it cost to many data. That’s why in this article, I am going to tell you some best prayer apps which can make listening prayers easy.

These given apps will fetch old, new, popular & other prayer which can make your mind so peaceful & still. All the given prayer app are free & available on Google play store. So you can easily get it to your android phone. Let’s see the list of top prayer apps for android.

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Top Free Prayer Apps for Android 2019

Daily Prayer

It is one of the best prayer apps where you’ll get lots of prayers with high quality voice. All variety of prayers like Morning prayers, evening prayers, forgive prayer, thanks prayer etc. are available on this daily player app. It is absolutely free to download this app & play song in Android mobile 2019. Daily prayer have many other feature by which you can easily get latest prayer song to listen.

Best prayer Apps for Android 2019
Daily Prayer App

So if you love to listen prayers, Daily prayer is one of the best way to listen. Thousands of prayers previously included & you’ll daily newly released songs in it. So just get it in your device & start listening your favorite one.

Powerful Bible Prayer– Best Prayer App

Do you love listening prayers? Powerful Bible is one of the best prayer app 2019. In this app, you’ll get lots of Bible prayers. As you know, Bible has many beautiful prayers & we should listen it. To listen & learn- Bible prayer, Powerful Bible is very beautiful app. It has thousands of prayers on every situation as Thanksgiving prayer , Mealtime prayers, Morning prayers, Evening prayers.

Powerful Bible prayers to pray daily
Powerful Bible Prayers

Prayer is one of the way to feel comfortable in every situation. Whenever we get in trouble, we remember God to help us. Now you can listen prayer whenever you want.

Powerful Prayers

Whether you want to listen Bible verse or prayers, powerful prayer app is the best way to listen it. Over 500 prayers with high quality sound. Peaceful prayers, normal prayers, evening prayer, meal time prayers etc. Over 10 to 20 prayer songs are daily added to this app so that you can easily get fresh songs every day.

Best prayer Apps 2019
Powerful Prayer Apps

We pray to God so that you can easily get God’s blessing & almighty give us power so that you can fight against darkness. Prayer don’t allow negative energy and always fetch positive energy to come in our mind. So if you want to download this app in your mobile phone, just click on the name of this app & get it in your mobile phones.

The Power of Prayer– Free Prayer Apps

If your time is bad, you face many problems nowadays, prayer is one of the unique ways to reach to God & tell them about our problems. There are certain prayers which can problem disappear in a minute. We must remember God in our happy time so that sad time never come. This app includes many prayer which can make us stronger & smartest so that you can easily face problems.

free Apps for God's devotee
The Power of Prayer Apps

The Power of Prayer is one the most popular app for prayers. Here in this app, you’ll get many powerful prayers. You’ll get fresh prayer daily. This app is available on play store, just get it in your device.

Catholic Prayers

It is new app to listen prayers specially catholic prayers. If you are catholic prayer lovers, this app is only made for you. Here you’ll thousands of catholic prayers with daily new prayers. Whether you are going to eat or sleep, just listen prayer & start doing it. Start your day with prayers & end your day with prayers. We should pray and thank God for everything we have. Nowadays, it is very easy to blame God but we our prayer doesn’t get to the God, God will never listen you.

New Bible Verse  App
Catholic Prayer App

So we have to pray God on every occasion means remember and thanks God in Happy time. Here are many Bible verse given for you. Just download this Catholic prayer app & start listening prayer according to your situation.

Powerful Prayers New Prayer Apps

Do you know? God has given us power by which we could reach to God & tell them our problem. As we know, God can easily solve our problems & make us happy. This power’s name is prayers. In the Bible, there are many verse & many prayers written which can make us happy. Peaceful mind is always happy mind. So whether you are in trouble or not, you should pray to God. In Powerful prayers, there are many powerful prayers’ collection.

 Apps for Android 2019
Powerful Prayer App

Listen prayers is one of the best feeling & ways to make our mind stable. In this app, many powerful prayers included from Bible. So just get this app, make your mind happy.

Christian Prayer Offline

Do you want to know about God? Are you ready to do so? Prayers make it easy to reach to God. Christian Prayer app has large collection of prayers as Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Meal time prayers, Holy prayers, Thanksgiving prayers & sleeping prayers. All these prayers have mentioned in the Bible-The Holy Book. Whenever we are in trouble, we seek help from God. We seek help from God by many means & prayer is one of the most easiest means to reach to God.

New way to recite for children
Christian Prayer App

Thousands of songs in each category & daily new prayers included in app. If you want to get this app in your mobile phone, just download this app in your mobile phone & just tap on the link & start praying.

Athan : Prayer Times, Azan– Islamic Prayer Apps

It has one of the largest collection of Islamic prayers. It is said that Allah listen their son’s wish through prayers. Azan is one of the best way to pray to God or Allah. Most of Islamic people trust this app to pray. If you are Muslim & you want to listen prayers, just get Athan app in your mobile phone.Over 1 million people have install this app in their mobile phones & listen prayers & Azan daily.

prayer times all in one Islamic
Islamic prayer App

Love listening prayers, just get this app and start your morning with it. It has every type of prayers, as meal time prayers, evening prayers, morning prayers. Namaz is one of the most popular prayer of God.

Prayer For Children – Prayer App

Do you want to make learn prayers to your children? This app has one of the best collections of prayers for children. Children like to learn rhyme prayers & this prayer app has many such prayers. Make your children civilized. This app will teach your children how to talk to God and also teach your children how to pray God, How to thank God.

Best Children Prayer App for Android
Children Prayer App

It is most suitable app for children. So if you want your children learn reciting Holy poems, Just listen prayer before them. They will automatically learn it by heart.

Wrapping Up

These are one of the best prayer apps for young & children. There are many praying apps available on Google play store but these are the best app & high rated by users. If you know any other prayer apps, please comment in the comment box. Thanks.

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