Red Eye Remover apps for iOS & Android
Red Eye Removal Apps

15 + Red Eye Remover Apps 2019

Are you searching for Red Eye remover Apps for your iPhone or Android 2019? Here is the solution by which you can fix red eye effects from your photos.

While taking photos in nights, we face red eye problem. Red Eye problem happens because of bad lights and mobile flash lights. Sometimes we didn’t pay attention while taking it and red eye effect make our photos ugly. If you also face this problem and have a photo in which your or your friend’s eyes get red, here is the solution. There are many apps available in Apps Store and Google play store by which you can remove red eye effects. You can restore the original color of your eyes.

These red eye remover apps are called Red Eye Remover Apps. Google play store and App Store are one of the largest platforms for apps and games. It is also secure for your device to download apps through these platforms. As you know, there are many apps available but only some of them are best for you. Here in this article, I have listed some best Eye Remover Apps for Android & iOS. Let’s see the list…..

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15+ Red Eye Remover Apps for Android & iOS 2019

Fotogenic – Body & Red Eye Remover

It is basically a photo editor app by which you can edit your photo. Fotogenic app has tons of tools by which you can solve flash red eye effects and you can also apply face beauty, tone up your skin etc. It is very simple app because one who doesn’t use photo editor app can edit or remove red eye effect quickly.

Best red eye remover apps for android & iOS
Fotogenic App

So just select the area which you want to edit and edit it easily. Fotogenic is free red eye removal app which is available on both platform iOS and Android.

For iOS- Fotogenic – Red Eye Removal

Adobe Photoshop – Red Eye Remover

It is one of the best photo editor and red eye remover photoshop app. In this app, you can easily make collage, remove dark spot, tone up your skin, adjust your hair style and red eye fix easily. As adobe photoshop has thousand of photo editing tools, you can use it to make your selfie better and to post it to your Instagram stories and Facebook stories.

best red eye fix app for iPhone and iOS
Adobe Photoshop

Over 10+ million people have downloaded this red eye remover photo editor app. Whether you have iPhone or Any android phone, adobe photo shop is available for both platforms.

For iOS :- Adobe Photoshop – Red Eye Remover Photoshop

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Pixlr -Free Photo Editor

It is one of the best red eye remover for android & iOS device. Don’t need login or sign up, just install it and start using thousands of free tools to edit your photos. Quickly change color of photos, tone up skin, filter your photos, use effect of it and red eye removal features. All these tools available in one app. You don’t need to switch apps to apply filter or effects in photos.

Best photoshop pixlr app
Pixlr Photoshop App

Over 10+ million people have downloaded this red eye removal photoshop app make it easy and fast to edit your photos to share it on social media account.

For iOS :- Pixlr – Free Red Eye Remover

Wizard Photo– Red Eye Remover

Do you want to edit your eyes color or remove red eye effect? Wizard photo is the app which can make it very easy. Red eyes are one of the most popular problem nowadays. Our eyes color changes in red color because of flash light. It can be remove by photo editor apps. In this app, you can easily apply hundreds of effects, filters. Remove black heads, adjust color of your photos, clean your photos.

Best Red Eye Remover Photoshop
Wizard Photoshop App

So if want an app which can use as a photo editor, this app can do it for you. It is very easy to use it in iPhone & iPad.

For iOS:- Wizard Photo – Red eye Fix

AirBrush – Red Eye Fix

Fix Red eye problem, remove pimples, tone up skin, smooth your wrinkles, change color complexion and change all other required things with the help of AirBrush app. AirBrush is very famous for its speed and thousands of filters, effects. Edit your selfie, group photos, make collages, make designs on photos, write your names.

AirBrush Photoshop
AirBrush Photoshop

One of the simplest red eye removal photoshop app by which you can remove all unwanted things from your photos & Selfies. This is available on both platform Google Play & App Store.

For iOS:- AirBrush- Red Eye Removal App

Facetune – Photo Editor

Do you want to look better than your original photos? Do your best photos ruined because of red eye effects? Facetune is one of the most famous photo editor apps which can make your photos social media ready within a few minutes. Apply make up, bring Hollywood effect on your photos, look like a heroin and update stunning Photos to shock your friends.

FaceTune app for removing Red eye
Facetune App

Facetune is a editing expert and you can use it easily without any fuss. Just edit and save it in your phone’s gallery. It is a free photoshop app.

For iOS:- Facetune2 – Selfie Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor – Red Eye Remover

This app is specialist in making photos collage & removing pimples, red eyes and dark spot from the face. PicsArt is basically a photo editor which surely help you in making your photo more beautiful. If you don’t have costly phones to blur the background of photo, you can use this app to do this stunning things. The tools which this app give us is very costly and you have to spend over 1K dollar to get it.

Red Eye Remover Photoshop
Pics Art Photoshop

Whether you are want to become a heroin or model, you have to post your best photos. Even heroins and models edit their post before posting it on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms. Just get this red eye remover app to remove it from our eyes.

iOS Device:- PicsArt Photo Editor

Meitu – Beauty Cam& Easy Photo Editor

It is stunning beauty cam and also red eye remover app which can easily fix red eye problem. There are many other reason to download this app as you can edit your photo, smooth your wrinkle, bring flawless skin, whiten your teeth & make collage of photos. Meitu is very famous for its simple features means you don’t need expert, just install the app and start editing.

Meitu photoshop App for iOS & android
Meitu Photoshop

Magic brush, add filter, tone up skin color, remove red eye and do other magical things to make your photos social media ready. It is a great app for students and peoples who love to take selfies.

For iOS:- Meitu- Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor

PicLab– Red Eye Remover

It is another best red eye removal photoshop app for android & iOS. By using PicLab, you can easily remove wrinkle, pimples, red eye effects, make collage, Resize, rotate, crop & add your name on photos. There are thousands of filters and photo editing tools available. So just take a selfie or a group photo, upload in PicLab and apply effects, filters, draw design or collage with other photos.

Photoshop Pic lab for iOS
PIcLab Photoshop

Piclab is on of the most famous photo editor applications. It is available for both platforms – Google play store & Apple App Store.

For iOS :- PicLab – Photo Editor

FotoRus – Free Red Eye Remover

It is one of the best free red eye remover apps for you. There are thousand of photo editing tools available to change your eye color & to change whatever you want to change. It is very important to learn using basic tools and then apply it in your photos. You can make collage, edit color and also apply effects to look beautiful.

Best Red Eye Remover Apps
FotoRus Phtoshop App

Fotorus has been downloaded by over 3 million people all over world and review 4 + stars. So if you are interested in making your photo beautiful. Just install it in your phone( iPhone or Android)

For iOS:- Fotorus – Photo Red Eye Remover Photoshop

Polarr -Photography Tools

Whether you’re a new photo editor or pro photo editor, you’ll definitely love this app. It is very simple and easy photo editing apps. You can easily fix red eye & also you can change your eyes color in any color you want as blue, green, black, white etc. Edit photo, remove pimples and other dark spot on your face with this app.

Best Photoshop Editor App for remover red eye effects
Polarr Phtoshop Editor

Polarr is one of the best photo editor app for iOS & Device. Apply filter, overlays & other popular effects on your filter to look beautiful and stunning.

For iOS:- Polarr – Photo editor Apps

Eye Color Studio – Red Eye Editor App

As you know because of bad lights and flash lights, red eyes effects ruin out party or reception photos. Eye color studio can fix red eyes in one second. Remove red eye effect with this app and also you can make many other changes by using this application as you can change your photo background and also add many filters on your photos.

Remove Red eye effects and add more color to it easily by the help of this app
Eye Color Studio

So if you want to change your eye color, download this eye color studio app in your android. There are many other features in this application which can make your photo more attractive.

FaceTune2 – Selfie Photo Editor

Actually this app is a selfie photo editor app but you can also use it like red eye remover app. In this app, you can change your eyes color in following – Blue, Green, Black, White etc. So if you selfie or photo get affected by flash light, FaceTune can fix it easily. Edit your selfie and apply hundreds of filters on your gallery images or selfie photos.

Add Green, blue, black color in your eye by the help of Facetune photo editor app.
FaceTune 2 App

FaceTune app is very easy to understand and you don’t need any expert to edit red eye color. Just install this app in your android device and start editing your photos instantly.

Face Blemish Remover – Smooth skin & Beauty face

It is face editor app by which you can also change your eye color into its original color, if it is affected by flash lights, and also change your eye color in various color like blue ( Vampire effect,) White, Red, or any other color. Face Blemish remover app is one of the best app for editing selfie or photos. It is very light and free app available on the Google Play.

Remove all your blemish and tone up your skin also get more light on your face.
Face Blemish remover App

Over 50 thousand people have downloaded this app in their device and over 1 lac photos are edited daily. Remove red eye, glow your skin and become a superstar.

Sharingan Eyes Photo Editor

Make cool eyes or vampire eyes, change your eyes color in its original color or make stylish, its upon you. Choose photos from your gallery or you can also take it instantly. Sharingan Eyes Photo Editor is one of the best app to edit eye color and also remove red eye effects.

Best App to Remove Red Eyes and Green eye effect
Sharingan Eyes Photo Editor

As it is a photo editor app, you can also edit your photos like add effects, write text on your photos, change background etc. by the help of this fabulous app.

Photo Wiz – New Red Eye Effect Remover

It another best photo editor and red eye remover app for you. As you know, every photo editor app can remove bad eye effects and add more color in eyes. Photo Wiz can do all the things which a photo editor can do means you can collage photos, add effects, make your picture more colorful, change background of photos. If you have seen many people even your friends post many amazing photos on the Social media. Now you can also post such photos because Photo Wiz can do all these things easily. Use another background or cut your photo or make normal photo in to HD or DSLR photo.

Photo WIz App
Photo Wiz App for Android

This app is free of cost available on the Google play store for android. So if you are interested in this app. Download it in your device from the title link and enjoy editing session.

Wrapping Up

These are the red eye remover apps by which you can easily fix red eye effect. If you know any other photo editor app, please mention it in the comment box. Please also write about this article and tell us which app do you use for removing red eyes effects from your photo.

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