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Have you ever gone to doctor ? They measure our temperature with a device. This device is called Thermometer. Thermometer can measure the temperature of body, room or any particular place at that point of time. If you have smartphone, you don’t need to buy thermometer because there are many thermometer apps are available on play store and App store by which you can easily find out the temperature.

As you know, Google play is one of the most popular platform for apps and there will be many thermometer apps available that’s why you have to choose best indoor thermometer apps for your smartphone. Which should as accurate as real thermometer. I have listed to 18 + thermometer apps for you. Now you can choose any one of them and start using it. Let’s know…

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18+ Thermometer Apps For Android

Thermometer Apps

It is one of the most popular free thermometer app to measure temperature of the particular place. This thermometer app is tested and found accurate but there will be some difference between actual temperature and this thermometer because it also can take the temperature of your phone or tablets.

Best thermometer app for measuring temperature out door indoor
Thermometer App

So if you want a perfect thermometer app for your android device to no exact temperature of a place, you can download this android temperature measurement app.

Digital Thermometer App

This thermometer app is also best app to know accurate outdoor temperature of your city. With temperature, you’ll updated with wind speed, humidity and altitude. Digital Thermometer actually run according to Google. So it is as accurate as Google.

Best Thermometer App for Android phone
Digital thermometer App

So you can trust this temperature measuring app and get it in your android device. This app is free to use app so you don’t need to be worry about purchasing issues.

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Body Temperature Thermometer Apps

If you are searching for a thermometer which can measure your body temperature,There is no app which can measure your body temperature as it is impossible. Now you are thinking,” what does this app do?” This app is like a dairy for you. Here you can write your body temperature, sugar level, Hemoglobin level and other information about your body on regular basis so you can set reminder.

Best Temperature Thermometer App for Android
Body Temperature Thermometer

This app also allow you to send the photo of your note to doctor or family to tell them about your health. So if you want to record and want stay update about your health download this app.

Thermometer For Room

It is another app which can measure indoor and out door accurate temperature. Whether you are in you are sitting in your room or roaming in your garden, you can measure the temperature of that particular place. It can also measure the wind speed and humidity. You can convert temperature unit, so get result in whatever unit you want.

It is one of the best apps for android to measure temperature of room.
Thermometer for Room

This app is downloaded by over one million people all over the world and get best reviews. It is a free thermometer app for android.

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Thermometer++ App

This is another temperature measuring app which is very accurate. Thermometer++ app fetch temperature & other climate updates from near met department station. So you can use this application for accurate weather report. With temperature, wind speed, humidity and other update, you will get through this app.

This is free thermometer apps for android
Thermometer++ App

So if you want weather update from your nearest weather department, just install thermometer app from Google play.

Thermometer Free

It is an electronic meter by which you can measure in-door and out-door temperature. There are many devices or mobile phones in which temperature measuring sensor is in-built. If you have such device, you can measure room temperature in a second. But if you don’t have, you to wait for over 1 hour. You have to also put your device in that room. So this is how you can measure the indoor temperature. Out-door temperature is based on weather report which is provided by weather department.

free android app to measure room temperature
Thermometer free

So it is another app which can help you out in finding temperature. It is installed by over five lac people all over the world.

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Smart Thermometer

This is an smart thermometer app by which you can find out the temperature of your surroundings. You need internet connection for the measurement of temperature. The device which has sensor, can easily get the temperature of that particular area where your phone is located otherwise it will fetch the data from default weather department app.

Best temperature measuring apps for android device.
Smart Thermometer App

So you have to make sure and then download this app in your android mobile. If your phone doesn’t have, you can normally find out the temperature.

Thermometer 3 in 1

It is another app which can provide you accurate weather report and also accurate temperature of your current location. It simply use your mobile’s temperature sensor to find out the temperature. There are three tools available in this app – Room temperature Measuring device, Phones’ battery temperature measurement and body temperature measurement ( Only for fool friends).

Thermometer apps for measuring temperature
Smart thermometer 3 in 1

So if you are finding a temperature measurement app with fun with your friend app, this app is perfect for you.

Temperature, Mobile Room & City

Find out the temperature of your mobile and of your city and other places of world with this weather app. You can find out next 7 days weather report through this app. Sometimes we feel that out mobile’s temperature is too high while talking to someone over mobile phone. Now you can get the exact temperature of your mobile through this app.

Best apps to find out weather report and temperature of room and city
Thermometer Apps

Just install this app and get the temperature of your phone and your city instantly. The temperature will be in both unit Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Electronic Thermometer Apps

Modern Temperature is another best weather measuring app for android. In this app, you can easily find out the ambient temperature of a particular place as room, garden or other place. It is very accurate as it measure your phone’s temperature according to that it shows the temperature of the particular place.

Best Thermometer Apps for android
Electronic Thermometer Apps

If you want to get accurate temperature of your room, leave your phone for few minute without using it. So this is the way you can measure it.

Real Temperature– Thermometer Apps

Measuring temperature with Real temperature is very easy. If you like to check out door condition, you have to enable your internet connection because real temperature fetch data from your nearest weather station. It can also check your room temperature but for it your phone needs a temperature sensor. It is inbuilt in some mobile phones.

Best real Thermometer Apps for android
Real Thermometer App

This app is downloaded by over five lac people all the world. Just download the app in your android device and start getting accurate temperature.

Thermometer Widget

It is another temperature measuring app for android. In this app, you can easily find out the temperature of your location as well as of that location which you want know. Just write in the search bar and find out the temperature of that place. It tells the most accurate temperature of that location because it uses Google weather.

Android widget for temperature measurement
Thermometer Widget for android

You can also set on your screen to see the temperature every minute. It is very important to turn on data to find out the temperature.

Precise Thermometer Apps

It is another app which can measure in-door and out door temperature accurately. It is very precise thermometer app which use your nearest weather station to get the accurate temperature of that particular location. There are many other important tools which you can use while measuring temperature.

Best app to measure temperature precisely
Precise Thermometer apps

You can get this thermometer app by searching in Google play store or by clicking on the name of this app.

Weather and Temperature App

This is a fully customize weather widget which you can add on your mobile’s display. This app has digital clock and automatic temperature measuring system means you don’t need to refresh every time to know the temperature. It automatically updated by this app.

Best thermometer apps for android
Weather thermometer app

In some Samsung or android mobile, temperature widgets are in built. If it is not there in you android device, you can get it from the app store.

Room Temperature– Indoor Thermometer Apps

Do you want to measure your indoor temperature? Room Temperature is one of the best app by which you can easily measure your house temperature easily. Whether you are in your Room or in drawing room, this app can easily measure temperature easily. There are many few indoor thermometer app which can measure temperature accurately, it is one of them.

Room Temperature app can make it easy for you. Over 1 lac people have downloaded this app and measuring their indoor temperature easily. So just get this app and download it in your android.

Precise Ambient Thermometer – Indoor Thermometer Apps

Google play store has tons of app by which you can easily measure temperature but only few of them can measure it precisely. If there is newborn child in your house or any one sick in your house, it is very important to measure indoor temperature so that they feel better. To measure temperature, you can use thermometer app. Precise Ambient Thermometer is one of the best apps to download it. It is free app and available on Google play store.

So just go there or tap on the name of the app to download it in your device easily. Over 50 thousand people have downloaded this app in their device and using it daily.

There are some other app which you can use to measure temperature as-

Thermometer Hygrometer

Ultra Accurate Thermometer

Thermometer for measuring Temperature

Celsius Thermometer App

Wrapping Up

These are the apps which you can use for measuring temperature In-Door and Out Door. You have to have internet connection for the best result. As all the given thermometer apps are free to use, you can get this app in your mobile and test it. If you know about any other best thermometer app which can give the best and accurate result, please mention in the comment box. Thanks.

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