Best sports news apps for android 2019

Best Sports News Apps for Android 2019

Hello! friends welcome to my site. In this article we are going to talk about best sports news apps for android 2019 which helps us and take us to every important sports news. As you know, now a days media have crossed all level, they only gives fake news to get traffic but among all sports news apps, some sports news apps are best and they regularly update us with every little or big news.

Android is one of the best platform for apps. So if you normally type,”Best sports news apps” you’ll find many app and you’ll be confused. Don’t worry because I know about some best apps which can given you the best sports news of coming cricket series to other matches in 2019.

Top 10 best Sports News Apps for Android 2019


ESPN is one of the most popular sports new app for android 2019. As you know, it is a very popular sport channel. This app will update you with every news related to sports 2019. From cricket field to football field, from badminton to tennis every news. ESPN has won many awards for its performance. By the help of this app, you can get highlights and accurate live score.

ESPN best sports news app

Choose your favorite sports and get notification in your notification bar and also get update of latest series. Get update about your favorite team and also about players performance. You can also watch live stream by using this app.T

The Score – A sports news App

The Score is sports app which is well developed app for android 2019. This app has very fast news delivering source. It’s upon you to choose your interesting game. Score has best quality layout that’s why you don’t need to bother, just choose the section which you want to see.

best sports news app for android

Recently this app has some issues which have been sorted out and now it is fully function app. In the sports app category, this app always goes to top. So the Score is the best sports news app for your android phone.

CBS Sports News App

CBS Sports App is very interesting and powerful sports news app for android. This app contains all sports as cricket, football, volleyball,Rugby, Golf etc. It means you can cover all games news through this sports app. After adding new feature, this app live stream 24 hours means whenever you want to join this app, you are just one click behind live stream.

Sport news apps for 2019

As this app is downloaded by over 95 thousand all over the world, you can trust on this app. This is very unique sports app for android. Top highlights, videos and also recent sports event is highlighted in this game.T

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is another popular sports news app for android 2019. Whether you talk about college games or you want to know about international sport name, this is the best app for android. Yahoo Sports covers all sports news little to big and updates scores every second. Watch highlights, shorts videos or live matches without any disturbance.

yahoo sports news app for android

Yahoo Sports known as one of the best sports article app. Articles are very narrative and interesting. Expert suggestion, prediction according to current position and many more only for sports lovers.

Daily Hunt (Newshunt)

Daily Hunt is not only about sports news but in this app, you’ll find all other news as business news, local news and international news. Live cricket commentary and football commentary and score update also update you to upcoming series. Daily hunt is one of the most popular news app for android.

daily Sports news app 2019

Daily hunt updates regularly and always add new features by which user can easily find what they want to know. Simple interface and small size apk make this app beautiful.T

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BBC News Sports News Apps

BBC is most popular and trusted news apps for android. Every news which you get from this app is approved by journalist. This app cover all global news. You can watch live news or listen -sports news by tuning radio. Cover all sports news, political news, business news and other news by tap on this app.

BBC Sports Games for Android

24 hour streaming and update popular news regular interval make this app an amazing news app. This sports new app is free to use in android phones. One can also update news by using adding feature of this app.

The Hindu: English News Today

The Hindu is a news channel app where they provide every types of latest news. They cover politics to sports. Cricket match live score, football match live score and score of other scores, every single match’s score, you can watch live on this sport app. The article of this app is very good and simple to understand. This is an Indian news paper and very good for competitive exams.

Hindu sports news app 2019

This sport news updates highlights, expert views on regular basis. There are many key features which attract users to download it as you can comment of stories, mark article to read later and also this app provide audio listening means listen latest news.To

Times of India (TOI) Sports News Apps

Times of India is another app which provides every single news updates. Watch live news, breaking news, sports news and other local news update on regular basis. You can also turn on offline mode to read news articles without internet. Are you fast news reader? if yes, this app provide you brief story. Watch live match scores and also provides expert review of every single match and many more.

android sports news app 2019

This app has some key features as Live TV, Morning evening news update, latest trending news, bookmark article, customize notification. So if you want all these things, this sport news app is worth downloading.T

Times Now

Times Now is a news channel and an app. This app contains sport news, local news, international news and business news and update it regularly. You can watch highlights, live scores and score card through this sport news app 2019. This app has sharing option means you can also share news from this app on social media platform.

Times Now sports app for android

Times Now is a famous Indian channel which also covers international news. In this app, news article can be bookmarked to read it later and also can be saved offline. So this is another fabulous game news app for android.

India Today Sports News Apps

This is another sports news app for android phone 2019. India Today app is not only for sport but also it provides international and local news. Tech updates, highlights and also live TV to watch what’s happening is some features which makes it the top sport news app. There are various shows telecast on this app in which expert will discuss about some serious issues or on cricket match or football match.


India Today also plays live commentary for the game lovers. You will be also notified, if you set, latest score update. So this is another best way to get update.

Some more Sports app which you can download in your android phone in 2019.

Google Assistance

Cricbuzz ( Specially for Cricket)

Wrapping Up

So these are top 10 sports news app for android phone 2019. In all given app, you can follow your favorite app and get updated. Please comment below, if you know any better sports news app or you can also comment which of the above sports news app you downloaded and how it is. Please Subscribe my channel to for latest post notification. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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